Good health, Good luck, Shine smile, Happy laugh

Good health, Good luck, Shine smile, Happy laugh
"Good health, Good luck, shine smile, happy laugh!" - Such requests had to hear each of us. Why depends brilliant, dazzling smile? Not only from the white teeth. "Blind" all you can, if precious stones decorate the tooth.

It is interesting to know that the inhabitants of the mysterious planet - the ancient Mayan sufficiently appreciated such ornaments. That beauty requires sacrifice, Maya knew firsthand: decorating teeth inlays of jade and jadeite, they had to endure serious pain.

But we live in a civilized world, and modern dentists will fix rhinestones painless.
There are two main ways. First - rhinestones attached to the tooth with a special compound, simply - "sticks". The tooth does not suffer, however, as you - if decoration tired, then after a few weeks it can be removed. Experts call it «dent-art», which means "applique on the teeth." This is done quickly, without pain and drill, and the enamel will be in order.

Usually dentists offer a rhinestone diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines, size 1-4 mm in diameter. It looks like a small flat pack, which is very convenient to wear. Does not interfere with it, and while eating or brushing teeth. But the stone really is blind, because he has a special facet, which is why literally glows from within. By the way, it does not have to be just a stone, it can be a goldfish, and a crescent moon and star.

Make your choice, and you bind the decoration on the tooth that is visible when smiling. Experienced specialist, of course, will tell you, and since he knows the structure of your teeth, do everything so that you will not experience discomfort when wearing applications.

Before applying the adhesive which has been tested in the laboratories of clinics in Switzerland, the dentist will treat your teeth tooth whitening composition, and then cause the appliqué.
Smile can shine for almost two weeks. And then decide for yourself - to remove a stone (not your own!), Or a long time to fix. Fix for extended wear compound for sealing.

The second method is more firmly strengthen stone. For example, if you want to have the TV star was a smile, you make inlay: tooth drilled, put the seal and fix it on the stone. And you can not just make separate applications, but also the whole gold design.

Inlaying more durable and long enough decorate your teeth.

Deciding to brighten teeth in some way, please refer to highly skilled professionals, we can not allow the destruction of the teeth, and constantly hurt the inner surface of the lips (due to inept application or encrustation) is also no one wants.

And that is important - for decorated teeth need special care. Care should be taken to not stay on a stone plaque, food residues, in a word - hygiene and discipline. Link
And then the luster and shine of your smile are provided.a
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