Caries - The main threat to the health of the teeth

Caries - The main threat to the health of the teeth

Interestingly, many a sweet tooth can not even guess what the most basic enemies dental health is not chocolate and toffee and candy. Because of their negative impact is much faster the demineralization of enamel, because of what she gradually indestructible. Besides the remains of sweets very difficult to clean, they are much more difficult to remove from the tooth enamel compared with other kinds of sweets, which already carry negative for dental health. About the effectiveness of cleansing the body here.

The safest products for healthy teeth are juices and soft drinks. Unbelievable but true, fruit and sparkling water are very harmful to the health of the enamel. The acids which are contained in the fruit is not so strong, but harmful to the health of enamel, compared with sweets.

Tooth decay is the biggest threat to the teeth

Today, one of the most popular ways to remove the plaque from the enamel are chewing gum, which in its composition does not contain sugar. But one of the most important points is the one that does not need to chew over a maximum of two minutes. Dentists recommend chewing gum, which in its composition containing xylitol. Such components as xylitol is a strong antibacterial effect, which can easily restore proper ph level of your mouth. Xylitol - this is one of the best means to reduce the risk of tooth decay, it can be said that xylitol is one of the most powerful tools in the fight against tooth decay. Dentists even claim that xylitol enhances the assimilation of calcium and effectively combats the formation paradantoza and periodontitis. antiseptics are also great natural antibiotics which read here.

The main thing to remember that in order to cure the effects of tooth decay - need time to seek the help of a dentist. Tested at least six months for the presence of newly formed defects in the teeth, because delaying this process can lead to more serious problems with the teeth.
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