Why the skin during menopause, "wither"?

Why the skin during menopause, "wither"?

Leather is a complexly organized body that separates the outside world from aggressive internal environment. It synthesizes and secretes hormones which have a systemic effect on every cell of the body. In particular, aging, when gonadal function is reduced, the skin is a major source of sex hormones.

Hormones play an important role in skin physiology, but an imbalance immediately affects its state. And the excess, and lack of sex steroids leads to a number of defects that cause patients to contact the beautician. In particular, with a deficit of female sex hormones (estrogens) accelerated aging of the skin and hair growth on the face and body, with their abundance may be increased pigmentation. Male sex hormones (androgens) cause hormone-dependent atrophy of hair follicles on the head, which leads to hair loss and stimulates the secretion of sebum.

Human endocrine system, as well as other systems in the youth has a certain stamina that gradually consumed over a lifetime. With age, the production of hormones, including sex, begins to decrease. In men, this process gradually and uniformly to all hormones, and women after 25-30 years of gonadal function decreases, and after 40-45 years the decline is particularly rapid. As a result, ovulation occurs less frequently, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular, and subsequently at all stops.

Reduced estrogen levels is one of the important reasons why women in menopause skin aging. With such age-related changes associated some chronic dermatoses: dry skin, recent acne, alopecia, etc. .. Another problem now is excess hair growth. After all, before the onset of puberty most of the body is covered with a thin non-pigmented hair, which is called the fuzz. During menopause, these hair gets the color. With age, significant changes occur in the sebaceous glands in women develops seborrhea. Also, upon aging of the skin occur biochemical changes of collagen and elastin. So the skin during menopause "fade."

The correct approach to the health of women not only helps prevent disease changes, but also to preserve the beauty in "transitional" age. The most important thing - to realize that menopause - not a disease but a condition of the body, requires attention, patience and the necessary knowledge.

To maintain health and youthful skin are advised to avoid direct sunlight, because UV damages the skin. Protect themselves from the harmful effects of UV sunscreens help.

Also best to avoid hygiene products that dry the skin. Who designed peptide serum and occlusive creams that prevent the loss of skin moisture.

By the way, smoking accelerates the aging process, so if you want to stay young longer, from this habit should be abandoned.

Good effect topical application of creams with estrogen. But it should be borne in mind that is not yet developed sufficiently effective means, which have a local effect, and does not have a systemic effect on other organs and systems.

Proven therapeutic and rejuvenating effect gives hormone replacement therapy with estrogen. The most potent estrogen - oestradiol and its synthetic analogue.

It binds to receptors in the skin and helps retain moisture in the skin and maintain the elasticity.
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