The mystery of the beautiful skin

The mystery of the beautiful skin

Disadvantages of our skin does not appear spontaneously, but only from improper care and malnutrition. They can be largely correct, sometimes even completely eliminated.

What is your skin?

Who wants to properly care for your skin, it should be how to learn because it is all different. The skin is divided into dry, oily, normal and combination.

Dry, sensitive skin, though very beautiful, but highly susceptible to external influences, especially reacts to the cold and sun. If you do not feed it every day cream, it will become hard and flaked off. It quickly becomes a dilated blood vessels, early wrinkles. Save this skin is not easy.

Oily, thick skin - the perfect ground for all kinds of acne and pimples. Incorrect care pores often expanding. Oily skin is very often - the result of improper digestion, lack of vitamins, anemia, as well as poor care of their appearance.

With oily skin need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take care of the regular work of the stomach, avoid hot spices and spicy food in general, alcoholic beverages. Wash useful alternately hot and cold water compresses are recommended, steam bath of decoction of chamomile cleansing mask, various cosmetic liquid pores and massage with soap suds. Should use only high quality nourishing creams. You can not leave for the night cream on your face, as it closes the pores and skin does not breathe. It should be to drive carefully with your fingertips, and an excess of wet tissue paper.

Normal skin has no flaws or very dry or very oily skin. In young people, it is a gift of nature. Unfortunately, often painful, even a small change in the body can have a bad effect on her. But more often than normal skin deteriorates as a result of improper care.

For normal skin care should be taken as regularly as in any other: clean it from dust and dirt and retain elasticity using appropriate cosmetics.

Excessive exposure to the cold and the sun spoil even the best skin. It is easier to prevent the skin than a pound of cure.

When any skin diseases need to contact a dermatologist. If a person is ill, no cosmetic procedure will not save. Will only correct and systematic treatment.

Cleaning the skin

Without the necessary purity every care of appearance is an illusion. Only clear skin can be smooth and beautiful. With the help of cosmetic blemishes on the skin can temporarily hide, but never be able to rid of them. At the same time, well-groomed skin all these cosmetics give an even better view.

Evening cleaning facial skin should become a habit. It is necessary to very carefully clean the face - the skin needs to breathe at night to relax after a hard day's work. Water is the basis of self-care. She washes away the dust from the pores, and various skin allocation contributes to exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Women who have dry and sensitive skin, of course, noticed that after a walk during a light rain or mist their skin looks much better, while of being in a hot room, it becomes sluggish.

Beautiful skin, which differ Englishwoman explained humid climate of the British Isles. This fact is confirmed by long-term observations. When British women with perfect skin permanently leave their country and live in hot and dry climates, such as Australia or South America, the skin becomes even young women wrinkled and flabby.

That lack of moisture in the skin due to its wilting. It is now established that the skin cells infant contain about 90% water. Therefore, it is usually elastic, supple and velvety. At sixty years of women moisture in skin cells is less than half that, by the way, is immediately noticeable. The skin becomes loose, dry, covered with a network of wrinkles. Therefore, I recommend you have a thirty years, when the skin begins to lack of moisture, use moisturizers.

For facial skin care is recommended to use primarily with hot water (but not hot, from which the skin becomes sluggish). It is rinsed several times face to pores open and the dirt came out of them. In this procedure, as well as facial massage soap suds do not rub it too vigorously - intense friction stretches the skin, why after a while there are extra wrinkles. Recommended for a while to leave the foam on his face that she had a better effect, then how to rinse face with hot and cold water. It is very refreshing and narrows enlarged pores. Face wash, only previously well washed hands.

Hard towels increase blood circulation and better suited for wiping than soft tissue. But sometimes, if you have the time, do not wipe the face after washing and let the skin dry.

Food and revitalizing the skin

The skin should be not only to clean, but also to feed. It is necessary to subcutaneous tissues were rubbery and elastic, then they will long remain fresh and young.

After the evening wash and clean your face, your skin is prepared for that to take nourishing creams and a variety of products containing vitamins. Note that in excessive amounts all harms! A thick layer of cream clog pores, and if you keep the cream on your face the whole night, then reach the exact opposite results. Short massage with cream after washing quite sufficient to give the skin the necessary power.

How to compress?

When you have a tired look, skin flabby, a good tool to give it a fresh packs are.

To make a compress, you need two small towels, very hot and very cold water, a few grams of chamomile flowers, lime blossom and mint, and a few minutes of complete rest.

Herbs brewed with boiling water, filtered and the resulting solution is heated, as a compress should be very hot - just what you can tolerate. Before compress important diligently wash and clean your face, a little smear it with cream, to prepare a place for lying about yourself and put two bowls with two towels. In one bowl to pour as much as possible with cold water, the other - a hot decoction of herbs.

Cook it all, lie down, soak a towel in hot broth, wring it well and put it on your face for 1-2 minutes. Then cover the face with a towel soaked in cold water. Change the way the towels from 3 to 4 times. Complete the procedure by a cold compress, putting it on for 3-4 minutes. When you do this - fatigue is gone!

But during the procedure, it is necessary at least for some time to forget about all your worries and with full peace of mind to relax the muscles of the face. The result of the packs will be noticeable within 10 minutes. Here, however, has its own "but": tissue elasticity returns no more than 12 hours. However, for one night, this procedure does wonders.

With dilated blood vessels on the face should not be used hot and cold compresses, as they are irritating.

For oily and dirty skin is possible to achieve a significant improvement, making compresses 1-2 times a week, while the dry, sensitive skin often does not tolerate.

If you have dry skin good effect is frequent cold compresses, which moistens the fabric.

Several recipes of masks

Beauty Mask is not an invention of modern cosmetics. Many more thousands of years ago, Egyptian and Greek women was applied to his face a variety of masks to keep your skin young and fresh. Roman women in ancient times was too well known to this cosmetic product.

Effects of the mask is that it causes increased blood flow to the skin tissues, after which they become elastic, elastic muscles, pores begin to intensively allocate products of skin glands, the skin becomes fresh and young.

Masks are divided into three types - nourishing, smoothing and firming. Mirror would be the best authority in determining the type of mask that you should apply (if you do not know about this before from cosmetologist).

Firming mask should not do very often. However, they yield results for several hours, after which the skin becomes more sluggish.

Desired effect can be achieved by placing a mask in the evening, before bedtime. Of course, you can not leave it on your face all night, it is necessary after some time carefully wash off the mask. If you do it carefully and according to the rules, its effect lasts for 2-3 days.

Before the mask off, thoroughly clean the skin from dust and sweat, it is best with a steam bath or compresses of alternating hot and cold water. Skin hypersensitivity should certainly before this smear fat cream. Put the mask on your face, lie back and try to relax your body. This is necessary even if you have very little time. The mask will have no effect if by putting it, you'll be walking around the apartment and engage in farming. After removing the mask, hammer in the face of a little cream or olive oil.

Use a mask as long as it will have a good effect. Generally, it is recommended from time to time to change the composition of masks. Here are some recipes that you may find helpful.

Hollywood mask. Prepared as follows: 2 tbsp oat or corn flour mixed with one egg white, beaten to a foam. The resulting paste to smear the face for 15-20 minutes. Dried mask wipe moistened cotton swab, rinse face first with hot, then cold water. This mask purifies and strengthens the skin, giving a haze of oily skin.

Mask of the potatoes. Cook in a big potato peel, peel it, mash with a fork, adding a little milk, mix with one egg yolk. The resulting puree again warm, placing a vessel with the resulting mass in a pot of hot water. Hot mixture (as soon as you can tolerate) to smear the face. Mask action is enhanced when cover the face with a thick cloth to heat kept longer. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with hot water and then cold. Mask refreshes, nourishes and smoothes wrinkled skin and dry skin makes a gentle and supple.

The mask on the old Spanish recipe. Grains beans (1 cup) soak for several hours in the water, then cook in a little water until they are soft. Cooked beans through a sieve, and a lot of hot mix with juice squeezed from half a lemon, and a tablespoon of olive oil. This mask has nourishing and smoothing effect. Only recommended for delicate and dry skin.

Honey mask. 2 tablespoons honey mixed with 2 tablespoons of flour and one egg white, a lot of put on the face with a flat brush. Be up until it dries well (20-30 minutes), then wash first with hot and then cold water. This mask nourishes and exciting action. "Chicken feet" - wrinkles around the eyes - disappear from this mask, at least for a while. Honey mask should not be used very often.

Swedish mask of curd. 3 tsp pound fresh ricotta with a spoon of honey, knock it all in the form of cream and spread face. Particular care must be covered places around the eyes and around the mouth. After 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly mask swab of cotton wool soaked in cold milk. Curd mask acts refreshingly, nourishes and cleanses the skin. It can be used quite often.

The mystery of beautiful skin is the systematic care and an appropriate choice of the means employed. Just as the stomach rioted when it overfeed or starve, so sometimes the skin does not want to take what you give her, or taking revenge for malnutrition, for which her ​​doom.
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