How to choose a good stylist?

How to choose a good stylist

Individually, each person is quite difficult to choose an image that will be the most stress of all its advantages, and hide the shortcomings. Perhaps that is why in today's world not so long ago there was a stylist profession. The present skilled stylist is able to create the perfect images for each person, making it look unique and charismatic. Stylist is able to pick the most interesting options like clothing and cosmetics. Often these qualities have one and the same person. These people, on the specifics of their professional duties are closely linked to fashion trends. They are always "on the crest of a wave", watching the latest changes in fashion trends.

Real stylist immediately able to determine that a person needs to change in your appearance, what a style will suit a person's clothing and what not. But such a person must still be found. So tips on choosing a good stylist:

1) The first and most important - is the appearance of the stylist. If, as they say shoemaker without shoes, then run away from such a professional. Because if a person can not pay due attention to their appearance, and then you have it a lot of time, and most importantly inspired work will not spend. Immediately it should be noted that in choosing clothes for you will still be a shade of the style in which he dressed stylist.

2) Reviews of this stylist, because nothing better people's opinions do not exist. You can always find a suitable stylist, reading numerous reviews of his works. Secondly useful to familiarize yourself with this portfolio stylist. Because if he has not, then it is a very worrying sign. In the age of information technology is almost everyone has their own pages and the gods, not to mention those who are engaged in the profession in which you want to show your best work to show future customers. For some will be useful information about how to lose weight fast in a week, read and apply in practice.

3) The presence of the diploma. Certainly caught decent professionals who did not finish and special educational institutions of this or similar subjects, but the statistics speak for themselves, so it is best if the diploma will be.

4) And finally - the question of the cost of specialist services. If the price is below the average, the quality of services will be adequate. Top experts cost money, so the cheapness naedyatsya services do not have to. Prices for high-quality clothing stylist range from 100 ye in 3-ri, 4-D work hours and up to several thousand conventional units.
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