What to do if swayed in the truck?

What to do if swayed in the truck

If your body has a certain tendency to permanent problems in the truck, if you get motion sickness in a car, train or plane, it means certain health problems, which often indicate disorders in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. What to take if you are so strongly influenced Motion sickness, the so-called transport disease?

Reasons. Why swayed in the truck?

Medicine at the moment can not give a clear explanation of Motion sickness because symptoms of its manifestations are due to the presence in humans of other serious diseases , and as a result of the strong attenuation of the organism appears nausea when traveling in public transport . Most cases of sickness occurs on the water, but to cope with boarding sea can only be healthy and strong body , and since current generation in their health significantly inferior to the previous , then this sea sickness cases occur much more frequently than was observed many years ago. Today, almost one in three people , and especially women, the elderly and children are at high risk of Motion sickness .

The second highest number of cases of sickness be road transport , in particular buses . For people who are prone to motion sickness occurrence of symptoms is not recommended to read and write while driving a car , bus. Because is capable of producing not only sick people prone Motion sickness but also provoke the emergence of headaches.

What to do to avoid seasick in transport?

If a person is not sure of his vestibular apparatus a hundred, you should refrain from eating the food hearty before the trip. Must not lower his head down and concentrate on the flashing objects, such as objects whizzing through the window. Nausea helps something sour, can help even sucking candy.

How to train the vestibular apparatus , if strongly swayed ?

Like any muscle , and vestibular system can be trained . To do this, use exercises that involve all the functions of the vestibular apparatus . One of the most effective exercises for the vestibular apparatus are big twists and turns around. It's simple , get up into the middle of the room, we place feet shoulder width apart , raises his hands at shoulder height and do intense turns from side to side . It is important to note that the neck is in these moments should remain stationary relative to the torso. Opinion when making turns , too, must be stationary . Intuitively, it is necessary to feel the motion of objects around you, it is also worth noting that 50% of the sickness - it is fear , fear that you seasick . And this is only the second half of some problems with the vestibular apparatus . When you get used to plenty of exercise described above , you can proceed to the next more extreme variants .

The following exercise need to stand up straight, keep your hands outstretched at shoulder height in hand, feet on width of shoulders. And thus circular movement around its own axis , first one minute in the same direction and the same in another. Rhythm speed and time can be gradually increased to well-being. Such exercises can seriously train vestibular apparatus and completely rid a person from feelings of nausea in any form of transport .
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