How to Maintain quality of Cosmetics at Home?

Every woman buys many kinds of cosmetics, ranging from a series of skin care for face and ending with dozens of lipsticks and perfume. And the most interesting thing in choosing a cosmetics for every woman has different priorities of its choice, from the price, packaging, and ending with the presence of certain components in cosmetics or smell. 

And almost every second woman of makeup crosses over all acceptable norms and then get a situation where a woman enjoys the cream a few times a week or even a month. Then the question arises expiration date of each cosmetic product. Because just throwing money away do not want to even the most avid shopaholic. Then should be used when choosing cosmetics following rules. 

The very first of which is the shelf life of cosmetics. If you are not sure what to choose cosmetics will be used in the next half a year, then be sure to check that the term of her life was at least another two years before the date of its completion.

An important fact is the storage and cosmetics. Usually taken to indicate cosmetics shelf life of about 3 years. In fact, the term may be more, but a definite standard, so let's say the average term, which is often equal to or 2nd year or 3rd. And in order to keep the makeup need to pay attention to the back side of the package. Where clearly written, as the temperature at which you want to store as printed and not yet printed cosmetics.
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