How to choose clothes for the full body?

How to choose clothes for the full body

Usually full of women are ashamed of their shape and are trying to hide it on the eyes of others as much as possible. But mostly they are wrong, considering that appetizing forms best place to hide than to stress. Almost any shape you can pick up an elegant solution that will fully meet the man. Main only observe the following interesting rules in the selection of clothing for full.

How can pick up clothes for larger women?:

1) The final silhouette to do a short-cut, or semi fitted.

2) If the hips are wide, it should be flared skirt from the hips or fit a style pencil.

3) Vertical stripes make any item on its background are more elongated, and therefore more slender. Best used knit dress in their everyday wardrobe.

4) If used in a dress neckline, then it must be V-shaped type. Not recommended for use shoulder pads, only in rare cases. All accents should be transferred to the ample bosom.

5) Choice of clothing should be preferred over slinky options because Use Balakhonov is extremely unacceptable. But too tight clothing should not be. Do not use a skirt with an elastic band, much better and more aesthetic will use a skirt with a nice, wide belt. Clothing in no way should be narrowed to the bottom. Best used straight skirts, pants and dresses in your wardrobe, your thighs and buttocks did not seem too wide, this option will hide the performance shortcomings.

6) Use of accessories is to abandon too shiny things, too much accessories. All used bags, rings, earrings, belts and other decorations must be in harmony not only with the basic style of clothing, but also perfect to pour into the color scheme of the main attire. And for the beauty of hair, one of the natural accessories can be used burdock as namely burdock hair contains all the minerals and enzymes necessary for their health.

7) Most of the dresses and skirts should cover the knee in length. And the main misconception was and remains of the opinion that a complete woman must wear only dark colors in my clothes. This is not the case, you should choose the right color and match solutions to each other and then even the bright clothes will emphasize the dignity and to withdraw into the shadows shortcomings.
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