Healing properties of essential oils

Healing properties of essential oils

The sense of smell plays a leading role in the life of every person. This opportunity given to us by nature depends very much . Smells not only allow certain protective function for our body , but also contribute to the whole bouquet of psychological and emotional experiences.

In the nasal cavity of each of us to continuously penetrate dozens of different odors and irritants , but it is only a third of them we are able to discern and perceive. All others pass us by , because the person is not yet fully developed sensitivity. For example , smokers sensitivity to odors falls about three times than that of a man who is not interested in such a bad habit .

Properties of essential oils

Everyone needs a pleasure and joy, emotional color sometimes lacks vivid olfactory sensations , which may just give essential oils. Essential oils are great help relieve stress . Contribute to a greater concentration in the process. So for experiments , the number of mistakes that people make during operation was significantly reduced . But fatigue was not as conscious , more precisely such that it felt normal. Many essential oils relax the whole body , some on the contrary, are able to concentrate and collect the people responsible for the work.

Surprisingly, using the essential oils of the body are derived various carcinogens. This is not as intense as with other methods of purification, but this effect is more than acceptable , given the fact that inside the essential oils are not used . Essential oils are wonderful such as lavender oil , rose oil and lemon oil . These oils help with nervousness and prolonged depression .

Serious results are achieved when doctors using essential oils as an additional tool in the treatment of bronchial diseases. Essential oils have strong antiseptic properties , they confidently be called natural antibiotics . If you have a need for a relaxing and therapeutic effect in parallel , then you can with full courage to use your favorite scents of essential oils.
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