What drinks are useful for weight loss?

What drinks are useful for weight loss

 Almost every one of us knows what to use liquid man has a very important role in our body . Even in our body digested food before goes on as nutrients into the cells become almost water. A very important element in the diet is water. Because water is a major source of cell regeneration. Those people who practically do not drink water, doom themselves to more rapid aging . Moreover, tea, coffee , juices can be directly attributed to the food , as body , or rather the digestive system is necessary to expend some effort to remove all of them useful substances and absorb the remaining water . Let's try to understand what kind of drinks are useful for weight loss. Who cares, there is an article that raskazyvaet what the top 10 products for beautiful skin should eat to be healthy and obladatelnetsey velvety skin .

Drinks that are good for weight loss

One of the most popular drinks for weight loss green tea is considered , because he does not carry virtually no calories and helps cleanse the body . Culling based on the beneficial effect of antioxidants, which excrete viruses, toxins , poisons and toxins. Not so long ago, scientists calculated that the average person with an average weight of 70 kg is about a 6 -minute , 7- pounds of slag and other harmful substances. And with age , this figure increases significantly. Substances which appear in this green tea can strengthen bones, teeth , have a preventive effect against viral diseases. Antioxidants , which is rich in green tea are a perfect prophylactic cancer.

Cocoa and hot chocolate. Quenches hunger, contains in its structure so-called pleasure hormone called serotonin. These drinks are high in calories , but do not carry much risk occurs extra pounds because after use for a long time do not want to eat . And if you count calories drunk and those that could be eaten , then comes the interesting result that the amount of calories consumed during the day decreases by almost two times. These drinks like measure and can be an excellent substitute for sweet lovers . Remember that to lose weight in a healthy way is one of the basic rules that should be followed when choosing a diet .
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