What and Where to Find Vitamins in the Winter?

What and Where to Find Vitamins in the Winter?

Winter is considered the most unfavorable for the saturation of the body all the beneficial vitamins. But this is not entirely true, because in most regions of Russia is not the most vitamin season is spring and autumn. Winter as a vitamin supply is not so rich as the summer, but also has certain advantages, which, in fact, and I would like to tell you.

What foods should be consumed in the winter?

Frozen berries - the most fortified sources are currants, strawberries, cherries or cherry. The rule of thumb when frozen foods to avoid any loss of large amounts of vitamins is recommended not to freeze products several times. Try to freeze the same berries only once, and once thawed party eaten. Berries tastier add ice cream or if strongly overcomes laziness creative ideas to use in cooking , you can cook them from compote, which will be no less useful than berries themselves .

Fruits and vegetables , of course, those that ripen it in the winter. Coconut, pineapple, kiwi, avocado , citrus fruits ( oranges, tangerines , lime , etc.) , bananas and many other fruits from tropical countries will be a great addition to the winter diet. Besides , these kinds of fruits are very tasty and have a huge amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals .

Vitamins in the winter can be found in many foods, but most scarce "product" for the human body in winter is vitamin D, which the human body is best produced from solar energy . To this deficit does not affect the well-being , try to spend more time outdoors , preferably in the morning .

Cranberries and lingonberries are excellent sources of vitamins in the winter. Useful to all that they themselves contain , they also are natural antibiotics in the structure enclosing a large amount of vitamin C. Also, cranberries and currants contains vitamin PP, which is quite difficult to obtain in sufficient quantities of all known products that you can buy in winter time. Especially useful is cranberry juice, which is very useful for all colds . They say that if you drink a cup of warm cranberry juice at a time when the cold is just starting to progress, there is a high probability of winning on this disease. Read also Fitness as a Way to Maintain Health and Beauty

Which foods contain vitamins winter?

In winter our body needs more than ever for additional forces , as a large amount of energy is expended to ensure the correct temperature for the body of the body. Marine fish , seafood , chicken , lamb - all strong suppliers of calories into our bodies , which are so necessary for the supply of vital energy for the winter working day . But do not forget that meat should not be smoked or fried , as in the case of this type of cooking most beneficial vitamins , enzymes and minerals lost.

Dried fruits - the most ideal way to replenish vitamin balance in the body. Dried fruit will be most useful hazelnuts, dried apricots, cashews, raisins, almonds, walnuts, our, all these products are rich in vitamins vitamin E, vitamin groups B, zinc, magnesium and iodine.

Try starting with your breakfast cereal. Particularly useful are buckwheat and oatmeal, for the evening table can be fed rice. Kashi very well satisfy the appetite and it does not clog up the body, but on the contrary it is removed from the waste and toxins.
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