Teeth Whitening folk remedies

Teeth Whitening folk remedies

Many people are thinking about how to whiten your teeth. Almost all of them are carriers of one of the most common colors of enamel, faded white or light yellow shades. But the desire to have the "right" are considered healthy teeth color - bright white encourages people to go to certain tricks that is associated with an artificial tooth whitening. Under artificial means all kinds of external factors that can affect the natural color of a person's teeth, their natural color. Read also What and Where to Find Vitamins in the Winter?

Basic methods of teeth whitening :

There are two methods of teeth whitening , the first of which is a long and natural . By natural means restore the health of certain systems of the body that affect the color of teeth .

If you do not smoke , do not have other bad habits that affect the health of the teeth , and most importantly their healthy color , while teeth whitening can be replaced by the addition of certain foods supply that can enrich the bone structure of all essential trace elements , and most importantly , calcium .

The second method is fast, but it is not recommended , because any external influence on tooth enamel somehow attracted to its partial destruction . That's why doctors strongly recommend the use of special programs restoring ecologically clean toothpaste made ​​from natural ingredients , and a properly fitted fiber toothbrush. Which must match the type and state of health of the gums person.

Teeth Whitening folk remedies :

Application of baking soda as a toothpaste.

The most common way to whiten teeth at home is a method comprising the use of baking soda. For this to mix conventional baking soda containing no additional impurities to the water. Soda water to be added in small amounts to the limit , which will provide a consistency similar to that of soda , which has a regular toothpaste. Whitening teeth with baking soda should be qualitatively to start to brush your teeth with this mixture , and then leave it on your teeth. Time Spent baking soda in the mouth with a total time brushing her teeth should not exceed 10 minutes. After the procedure, it is recommended to rinse your mouth thoroughly . Try not to swallow baking soda , because it is in the application will contain residual particles from the teeth scraping plaque. After completion of this procedure is recommended to clean the remnants of soda with normal teeth toothpaste. Read Also Fitness as a Way to Maintain Health and Beauty

Mixing baking soda and toothpaste :

Another popular recipe for whitening teeth at home is to mix baking soda with a conventional toothpaste , but the toothpaste should not contain minor impurities , congestion and other flavor . Pay attention to the color of toothpaste , not white in color, with high probability , contain large amounts of additional impurities . Mixing toothpaste and baking soda in the proportions should be 70 to 30 , wherein a large amount of the toothpaste will have .

Prevention darkening tooth enamel:

Dental enamel may be as dark and turn yellow, depending on the embodiment of the impact on it of harmful factors. Here is a list of the main pests of tooth enamel:
  • Tobacco smoking or using chewing tobacco;
  • Black tea;
  • coffee;
  • Citrus fruits;
  • Some of the types of drugs;
  • Blueberries.
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