Sour cream for the face. Face masks of sour cream

Sour cream for the face. Face masks of sour cream

Clean and healthy skin is often associated with milk, even there are some sayings, when a woman says that she has washed milk . Often of a beautiful and young woman talking blood and milk . And these folk sayings is actually quite a lot of truth , milk is indeed one of the natural remedies to care for skin . It remains only to apply it correctly as a result of cosmetics and home for a long time will not take long . Dairy products are meant only natural products , are useful as skin care while taking the inside , and at the outer skin care, particularly if there are problems in the form of dry or greasy skin. Considered useful as fresh milk , yogurt and cottage cheese, and milk products .

Cleansing the skin with dairy products. Sour cream for the face is a great rejuvenating and nourishing the skin means that is always available to everyone. For skin cleansing cream must take half a cup of sour cream , preferably not too oily, add one tablespoon of it , no slides . After stirring should be implemented immediately as a scrub for the skin. If applying to the skin must wait a little longer , before applying the necessary mix again made ​​a gentle scrub for the skin. But before applying person should be thoroughly rinsed with water. And if your skin requires multiple intensive cleaning , then applying the scrub can be repeated again. After the procedure, the used wash off the face of the consistency of warm water.

Face masks of sour cream

The easiest way to apply a face mask of sour cream, is to apply it on the skin, then bided 15 minutes. Then you can wash off the cream from the face . With the mask of sour cream for the face skin becomes smooth , gets the necessary nutrition useful substances , refreshed and bleached.

Face mask of sour cream is prepared as follows . At half cup of sour cream add one egg yolk , a couple of tablespoons of curd carefully vymyatogo is for dry skin. And if there is dryness of the skin , instead of adding protein yolk .
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