How to Prevent flat feet ?

How to Prevent flat feet

Almost a quarter of all young children have a certain propensity for flat feet, which is probably why the question of how to prevent flat is still more than relevant. Flatfoot in most cases, has acquired the character , ie is formed gradually as a result of certain errors of those who look after children and care for them. But health - is the most valuable thing a man from birth.

Briefly describe the mechanism of formation of flatfoot , we get the following picture : in fact it is flat weakened muscles and ligaments , which also contributes to the rapid deformation of the foot. But I want to assure the parents immediately that the development of modern medicine and a responsible attitude to health of your baby can almost 100 percent of the help your child get rid of such problems as flat . The most common cause of flatfoot is delayed access to a doctor .

Immediately it should be understood that the flat seriously hampers the movement of man and sometimes even leads to the formation of other diseases associated with it. Today , there are many preventive ways to prevent flat feet at the kid .

Exercises to prevent flatfoot :

1 Walking on toes . Sometimes you can offer to the baby to walk on toes , explaining it in various ways . For example put something interesting for him to a certain height , where it is necessary to reach for an object. Movement of life , and that fitness of the muscles of the legs allows you to replace all known methods of prevention as flat feet and other foot ailments .

2 Walking in the form of steps in one place, so that the data traffic is sometimes accompanied by a whisper . It is appropriate to think of what be interesting and moving game.

3 Apply the exercise called Heron when the child stands on one leg , foot and other places near the knee of the skating leg . This exercise can be done before the time , until the child starts to lose his balance.

4 Exercise swallow, one of the most famous gymnastic exercises . Swallows is only effective for the prevention of exercise called flatfoot duck. Duck made ​​in the form of successive jumps from one foot to the other , there is a change in the supporting leg , and it should not lose balance .

For parents need to remember that you should not encourage your child , you should do so he had a certain interest in the exercise , this will only parent resourcefulness certain artistry in the supply and undoubtedly parental love .

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