How to make eyelashes longer at home?

How to make eyelashes longer at home

Probably every one of us desires to always look your best and goes on almost any sacrifice to this desire come to life. But not everyone has the opportunity to be constantly visitor beauty salons , so quite a few girls and women interested in the question of how to make eyelashes longer at home. Increase eyelashes at home is possible using two methods , the first of which is a visual , applying makeup , etc. , and the second - is artificial methods of eyelash extensions at home. We look at today is the second method , since the use of cosmetics individually for each woman.

Not everyone knows , but periodic combing eyelashes stimulates their growth . Has the same effect and burdock oil when used as prophylaxis , at least once a week. It has the ability to raspushivat eyelashes , thereby giving them greater bole volume. Generally all the ways lengthening eyelashes or visual increase in the home reduced to a national tricks on the use of special tools and so we tell advertising cosmetics. And in order to make it convenient to put on eyelashes burdock can use the old carcasses for eyelashes. Apply this remedy is recommended for 15 minutes, after which it is necessary to remove the remnants of using wool or using other tools like it . And for those who are interested in weight loss recommend an article about how to lose weight in a healthy way . Try and you will certainly succeed.

The second method is a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A, followed by application to the surface of the eyelashes. We perform all the same as in the previous case . Once this method is best applied just before bedtime , as fully remove deposited mixture is not necessary, it will reduce the effect of the necessary impact on the structure of eyelashes. And periodically wipe drips with eyelashes in the daytime will be some discomfort .

Third means - is an oil made ​​from grape seed . But it is necessary after application rinse with warm water. In folk medicine, are considered effective for lengthening eyelashes in national conditions, use decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, avarki green and black tea , cornflowers and sage . And the important thing to remember that the key to success is the regular use of funds for lengthening eyelashes at home, and not their intensity .
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