How to look slimmer?

How to look slimmerUnhealthy diet and the inability to purchase quality food , lack of time to prepare healthy food and a thousand reasons for acquiring excess weight causes some women to ponder the question of how to look slimmer . There are some tricks of visual deception , when you can get some look more slender proportions . Almost every woman's body can be brought by certain tricks to a more coherent appearance. This is especially true when I want to look perfect now, but those extra pounds for some reason do not want to leave . Correct long workouts and diets do not have time , then it is better to use things that will help answer the question of how to look more visually slimmer .

How to dress to look slimmer

The question of how to choose clothes for the full always remained relevant. To look slimmer , use only vertical cut, better if the clothes will be pronounced with vertical stripes , because it makes your figure looks more slender and longer.

Bright shades and colors in clothing noticeably increase the size of the person who wears them . Darker colors have always been a priority in the locker room full of women. Also consider using colorful fabrics, they are no worse than dark colors visually Austronesian woman silhouette . Monotony - another important aspect that will look more slender.

At the moment, the fashion industry has gone so far that there are some underwear model , which allows to hide almost all of the possible disadvantages of the female body . With such clothes can always get into your favorite jeans. This underwear is not only cleans, tightens the bulging tummy , but also effectively hides formed on the sides of the folds .

Do not forget that its beauty can always be found with the help of their own, original style , both in clothes and cosmetics and external image , which is defined haircut and quality makeup. If you have not thought about how to choose a good stylist , then be sure to check out the best masters of this portfolio in your city . His style does not only Bole irresistible woman but also emphasizes its charisma . Be beautiful , especially soul, always either
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