How to Increase the Level of Endorphins Hormones of Joy?

How to Increase the Level of Endorphins Hormones of Joy 

Each of us wants to be happy and enjoy life , but not everyone knows how to do it for real. For example , if you take the usual laughter , scientists estimate that the constant laughter , at least in the total ratio equal to one minute per hour is capable of improving the state of happiness. And at the moment of laughter person feels happier and happier in ordinary times. The scientists also found that not all people are able to genuinely laugh and enjoy life , and this condition is caused by a trivial habit to live seriously. Tortured persistent problems people can not even afford in its entirety to relax and enjoy life.

According to doctors , a renowned California honey . Institutions habit to laugh and enjoy life can be a turn out . In the process of laughter in the body is a series of chemical reactions that are not only beneficial to the general state of being human , but also stimulate his recovery in cases when present in the body of any kind of disease.

Scientists also noticed dependence joyful mood from eating certain foods . Of course, such products can not be the main reason for expression of joy or a state of happiness , but in the background of these states may occur much brighter than without them. Such products are called endorphins .

What is the endorphins ?

Endorphins - a kind of driving force, happiness for our body. Our body has receptors that are responsible for the reaction , showing how we feel. These receptors produce chemicals that in certain dosages perceived as a state of happiness and joy, but in different doses, give rise to feelings of depression , sadness and depression.

What foods contribute to the release of endorphins ?

The biggest plus for the proper operation of the receptors that are responsible for the release of endorphins , is proper nutrition . Because namely natural products and it is in its raw form have similar properties. The most provocative products on the release of endorphins to the body are:

Bananas . Bananas contain high amounts of potassium and other mineral micronutrients that help the body to strengthen the central nervous system , helps to strengthen the receptors. Bananas contain a huge amount of natural sugar , which helps us to store large amounts of energy .

Oranges . Fruit such as oranges contain large amounts of vitamin C , oranges are rich in antioxidants and many other useful nutrients.

Strawberries and grapes. These are products that most efficiently and in a lot of help to produce endorphins . They not only contain large amounts of vitamin C , they also have an excellent sense of taste , which help the body is saturated with not only all the beneficial nutrients of the fruit, but also to get a certain emotional pleasure receives a bouquet of taste sensations .

Chocolate . Probably the most popular product to relieve fatigue from the emotional and mental strain. Chocolate - the best way for the body to produce more endorphins .
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