How to choose a deodorant?

How to choose a deodorant

Virtually every person who lives in the city and forced to constantly , under any circumstances observe a dress code , interested in the question of how to choose the right deodorant . Because some deodorants are effective , but the choice in their direction may not fall due to many factors such as the appearance of white spots on clothes or not enough resistance in an emergency. This article will help answer the question of how to choose a deodorant for themselves and not to be mistaken . Just want to mention the fact that if a person has excess , ie excessive sweating , it must necessarily seek the assistance of a qualified technician. Only a doctor can help get rid of excessive sweating . Because deodorant able to mask only a small amount of bleeding . Because deodorant use in such cases can also do harm. Indeed, many of deodorants not only mask the smell , but also clog the pores through which the body rids itself of toxins accumulated in it . And in the presence of certain health problems in the form of excessive sweating , block elimination of toxins from the body can cause exacerbation of pre- existing problems .

But if you have no congenital diseases , then you can use a deodorant , but with certain rules of hygiene before and after use. Which of deodorants worth attention and its subsequent purchase?

Immediately it should be noted that in choosing to save deodorant is not necessary, because it will lead to serious losses as a product. Saving on deodorant , you first save for yourself , and this should not be forgotten .

Just want to note that a deodorant must not desiccate the skin , but rather should act on its hydration. Deodorant should not leave marks on the skin . So buying deodorant worth in retail stores , and not just anywhere , it will save you from forgery virtually 100 %. If you liked in this article tips , be sure to read the health and beauty section of our website.

What types of deodorant ?

Deo Stick , designed to protect your clothes from white spots because they do not leave white marks on the skin . They are very convenient to use because release form is capable of applying deodorant uniformly over the entire surface of the body.

Spray ( deodorant ) - the most powerful cooling effect obtained will enjoy the freshness of more than 4 , 5 hours in a row. Of negative qualities can be identified only enough short duration of action.

Deodorant powder - one of the most common options in their effectiveness among all kinds of deodorant in the summer. Recommended for people with oily skin is enough .

Deodorant - one of the most common types of deodorants that are uniformly applied and did not dry , providing the most maximum effect long-term action . Of the minuses can be noted its negative property , which manifests itself in a sufficient probability of occurrence of marks on clothing directly from the deodorant.

Remember that before you put deodorant on the body , it must be cleaned. The same, in order to meet personal hygiene should be performed after the action deodorant you no longer need , such as home. Because Use of a deodorant is , in any case more harmful than useful device .
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