5 Fashion Images for a Weekend in the Country

Outdoors assumes relaxed style - and what heels or sensitive tissue would be appropriate at a barbecue at home or bike ride through the forest ? Summer dress code - it's comfort and freedom : that is natural fabrics , comfortable fit and a flat sole.

Home stores this summer, indispensable for the weekend out of town - easy espadrilles . Cloth slippers with rope soles , traditional shoes poor owe their new popularity of natural materials . For comfort and they will not give kedam , and in the intense heat - replace them with success . Decorated with embroidery , sequins and bright prints espadrilles this summer can be found in the collection of virtually every brand of democratic Topshop or Zara to luxury Valentino and Marni. Dining on the platform looking at Stella McCartney.

5 Fashion Images for a Weekend in the Country
J Brand Denim shorts 16800 rubles., Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply 8580 rubles., Stella McCartney espadrilles 21280 rubles., Hat Topshop

Ethnic style, date this summer, came from the catwalks to the suburbs - hardly a dress more suitable for a weekend out of town than cotton shirt with embroidery and "brushes" - for example, from the collection of Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply. Complete image of shorts dark blue denim espadrilles with contrasting prints and straw hat.

5 Fashion Images for a Weekend in the Country

Dress Monki, sweater Allude , Hunter boots

Rainy weather or morning walks in the dewy meadow stock up rubber boots - the universal and very fashionable pair exists in the collection of the brand Hunter. This item holiday wardrobe fanned childhood romance , not only easy to combine with trousers of rough denim , but with a short dress and a white lace , which in many collections Monki. Contemporary image " ladies peasant " complement bright sweater openwork knit.

5 Fashion Images for a Weekend in the Country

Jeans Rag & Bone , Sweater Wildfox  , Volcom shirt rub. Spanking Givenchy

Tissue , more practical than denim, since the heyday of American farmers have not yet been invented. Pleased that this season 's jeans - fashionable uniforms and synonym careless style - met in the collections of even the most "classic" brands. Overalls, pants and shorts made ​​of heavyweight denim - the basis of summer wardrobe ; holiday - even more so. They are comfortable, unpretentious, and the random hole or attrition will only add to the image of bohemian casualness . Perfect set - white T-shirt with round neckline and juicy tropical prints and rubber slippers flip-flop with a bright pattern . Most welcome - in the summer collection Givenchy.
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