10 Foods for Beautiful Skin

10 Foods for Beautiful Skin

Probably every woman or girl dreams to have a velvety, perfect skin, but because of certain physiological characteristics, genes, not all nature granted to be clean and beautiful skin. What do you do in this situation? There will only healthy food, which is able to satiate the skin's structure, making it more healthy. In this article I would like to elaborate on those products, which can affect the beauty of our skin. So, 10 products for beautiful skin:

Pumpkin - as one of the effective ways to combat aging skin. Substances included in the pumpkin can prevent unhealthy pigmentation. Everything else, pumpkin raw liver helps intensively cleaned , which in turn helps the blood to be more clean and healthy , and thus the skin. Pumpkin is perfect for breakfast.

Cabbage, any green vegetables, broccoli , even well nourishes the skin with vitamin C. Any green vegetables are well cleaned skin cells , promote more rapid release from dead skin cells.

Green tea, especially one that contains high levels of selenium in their composition . Green tea is one of the best antioxidant . But now we are not talking about the case , which we all used to seeing on TV screens . The present qualitative and green tea is not less than 30 euros per 100 grams of pure product , everything else is considered peresortom .

Avocado is an excellent source of vitamin E, essential for healthy skin. Contains useful acid Omega - 3, which is responsible for the rapid and timely cell regeneration.

Poultry - as one of the very effective providers of protein in the body , in the process of splitting which the body is able to obtain the necessary skin collagen.

Garlic - as one of the possible representatives that supply the body natural antioxidant selenium.

Nuts - a great defender of the skin , as with nuts in the body fall substances that help maintain the protective functions of the body , including the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

Apples and Pears . In more apples help keep skin natural self-purification processes . In the peel apples contain nutrients and vitamins , which action gives the skin a velvety tone and a healthy , natural glow.

Turmeric and ginger - spices that make our skin tighter , are able to exert some regenerating effect on the skin of acne.

Well, the last ten items will not product , and sufficient fresh air . It's no secret that a sufficient amount of oxygen to the skin - this is one of the most essential tools for its health. For those who are wondering how to make eyelashes longer at home, read this article . Be healthy , be happy rather be healthy.
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