Fitness as a Way to Maintain Health and Beauty

Fitness as a Way to Maintain Health and Beauty

 Health and Beauty in need of constant care. To be healthy and attractive must be able to work on yourself, protect your health , strengthen it ; help your body , do not lose the good form . One of the ways to maintain a good shape is fitness .

Fitness originated in America as opposed to bodybuilding , and now it is kind of a way of life than just a set of exercises. Fitness is aimed at formation of health , healthy lifestyle , physical fitness and improve his human life in general . Fitness reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system .

Fitness can deal with almost anyone . Set of exercises for people with poor health and poorly trained physically fitness program should start with a daily five -minute walk or walk , and those who are more strong health should start with twenty minutes of fitness three times a week . 

Several weeks later, the load can be increased : the duration of walk to an hour, and then add one or two trips a week. As a result, try to make a fitness program to five walks a week for 30-45 minutes each. Need to walk briskly to the pulse kept at the right level .

Those who want to lose weight should remember that their program of studies will be different and will require more effort , especially if overweight and more than five kilograms. Things should last at least an hour or hour and a half , so only forty minutes of training the body switches to fat. Need to maintain your heart rate at a constant and high level. To get results , you need to exercise at least three times a week, but so that there was a break between workouts . 

Accepted that aerobic exercise helps to lose weight best. The most popular forms of aerobic exercise - it's walking, jogging , cycling , swimming, aerobics and all kinds of dancing . In addition, during fitness should avoid low calorie diets glycoprivous .

However , it is worth remembering that there are no instant results and to achieve the desired shape you will have to exert much effort . Remember that the beauty of your body and its health depends on you .

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